New to the Hoy Heritage website

We’ve made a change to the look of Creels & Crofts – the Hoy Heritage project website – let us know what you think.

So what’s new on the site?

Well, we’ve updated a few of the pages. The Old Man of Hoy has new pages, getting the attention he deserves. New pages include Climbing the Old Man with Jack Rendall’s memories of the BBC 1967 climb and Birdlife on the Old Man as well as looking at his more romantic side in Poetry of the Old Man. Margaret Reid’s embroidery beautifully stiches up the Old Man and Margaret’s recollections of a very special day at the Old Man is there too.


James Sinclair now has a more prominent presence on the website, read about how he inspired his great grand niece to make table cloths and a poet to put his story in verse. The audio of the walk ‘In the footsteps of James Sinclair’ can be listened to. You can also view more of his wonderful specimens. You can now watch the film ‘Jimmy o the Bu’s Polka’ about the musical legacy of James Sinclair’s father.


You can now watch two more Hoy films on the website. Thanks to Mark Jenkins filmmaker for uploading them. Watch the much enjoyed film ‘Jack Rendall – a personal history’ and the popular ‘Jimmy Moar – the wise old man of Hoy’.


Pearl Sinclair’s wonderful photographic census of Hoy ‘Here and now’ can now be previewed on line. We will keep adding Pearl’s photographs to the site. Enjoy!


The project by Magnus Mackay ‘The History of Hoy Post Office’ is available to view at Hoy Kirk. We’ve started a page here with some images from the archive, including the Hoy Express.


So what else? The Hoy audios including recollections from Mary Mowatt can now be listened to online and we have started to collect images celebrating Stevie’s Boat.


Please let us know of anything you would like to see on the site or anything you have to donate to the ever expanding Hoy Heritage archive. Contact us here.

Cheers for now.




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