A hard rain fell

We saw some amount of rain last week. Jeff Clark the Rackwick rain man recorded a total rainfall of 95.9mm for the 24hr period from 09.00 on the 6th June to 09.00 on the 7th June. The bridge saw some flooding (photo by Jeff) but it wasn’t the highest rainfall he’s ever recorded for Rackwick. That was 97.4mm on 7 July 2007.

Other high totals, 79.2mm on 22nd Dec. 2012

                                 73.5mm on 27th. Aug. 2011

                                  60.1mm on 25th. Oct. 2006

                                  57.4mm on 26th. Oct. 2006

Fortunately it was a great day for the Hoy half-marathon on Sunday and you will be glad to know the weather looks favourable for the walk to Rackwick with Dan Lee this Saturday.

Rackwick Bridge 7th JUne 2017Rackwick bridge 7th June 2017

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