2 thoughts on “Cross Hoy Sound for a special night this Friday (or if you are already in Hoy, stay put!)

  1. angela gillespie

    Hi I would like to come for Fridays event 5 of us.I will book ferry but can you tell me is therr anywhere nearby to buy dinner or at event? Is there catering at event? Regards Angela
    PS .Greatly looking forward to it!

  2. hoyheritage Post author

    Hello Angela. Great that you and your party are coming over.
    If you are very hungry people, you might want to have something early about 5pm before the boat. There will be a light supper at the event at 7pm (soup, cheese and oatcakes etc) this will be just after the outdoor performance by Oceanallover. Boat leaves Stromness 5:45 arrives 6:15, transport to kirk, performance until 7pm, Light supper, Talks, finish at 9:30 in time to get 10pm boat back.
    There is a café close by Moaness (where the boat comes in) they can do packed lunches and meals, this closes at six. So you have the option of spending the day in Hoy! You can catch the 10m ferry over and take a taxi-bus from the pier to Rackwick and walk to the Old Man, if you are feeling energetic walk back through the valley and join us for the performance, or ask Albert (01856 791315) in the taxi-bus to collect you again.
    Hope that helps!


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