Picturing Hoy- your choice

We were delighted to receive funding from the Orkney Islands Council Culture Fund towards a new exhibition, Picturing Hoy – a selection of ten images – but which ones? We are asking the Hoy community and the wider community to select which ten they would like to see in the exhibition.

The selection has been put together to augment what we already have at Hoy Heritage Centre rather than duplicate anything, and we have looked for images that put people in the picture. We will be accompanying each image with text and audio where suitable.

So help us make the choice. Which ten are your Hoy choices?

Send in your ten number choices in the comments box or by contacting us here.


1. Return from fishing, Rackwick



2. The 1952 Hoy Dance at Hoy Hall. (We have names for nearly everyone in the photograph thanks to Cathy Clark.)



3. Cathy Rendall serving in the shop at Rackwick



4. Mary Mowat and her mother with Jack the ox collecting peats



5. Rackwick School



6. Ivy Mowat and brothers outside the shop in Rackwick



7. Visitors to the Dwarfie Stone now the view from the Sea eagle’s nest



8. Peat cutting in Hoy



9. Cathy Wilson of Whaness on her motorcycle



10. The old Moaness Pier



11. Before the pier was built



12. Harvest time



13. Hoy School pupils



14. Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (Max) at work in his croft Bunnertoon in Rackwick -Gunnie Moberg Archive


Rackwick Road Men forweb002

15. Building the new road to Rackwick 1926 (we have names for most of the men)



16. The Hoy Half Marathon which has been going for 33 years – Robert Ionides


Old Man of Hoy BBC Film Crew 1984

17. Filming at the Old Man of Hoy



18. Betty Corrigall’s grave – the tragic story of Betty Corrigall’s grave can be read here



19. The Hoy Express – a popular Edwardian postcard subject! See more here


isaac moar small

20. Isaac Moar Hoy Postmaster, Chick Chalmers  (we have the Hoy post stamp in this photograph on display following the PO closing in 2017).



21. Stevie’s Boat. Here it is the Triton but Stevie Mowat also captained the Scapa Ranger, the Jessie Ellen and MV Graemsay before retiring in 2012. Whatever her name it was always Stevie’s boat.

images: Hoy Heritage Archive, Orkney Library & Archive, Gunnie Moberg Archive, SCRAN.

29 thoughts on “Picturing Hoy- your choice

  1. Kathleen Sullivan

    I Think 21 as it shows no matter what no matter how the world changes Orcadians remain

  2. mre1959

    Some excellent photos here. Seems just right that the Rackwick road builders would need a brass section.

    1. hoyheritage Post author

      Thanks for your choices. Interestingly the hut remained in a place name long after the hut was gone. Marion Talbot recalls her Mum (Cathy photo 3.) called a part of the road Brae of the Hut or Hut bend – I must ask her and get it recorded right! The photograph was donated by Ivy (photo 6.) and on the back it says that it was taken by Edwin of Happy Valley.

  3. Anonymous

    Here are the results from The Talbot jury!

    Marion 1 2 3 4 5 9 12 16 20 21
    Iain 1 3 5 6 10 12 19 20 21

  4. Linda Walker

    20, 11, 1, 21, 13, 15, 2, 4, 8, 7

    Remember my husband speaking about Isaac Most and Ginger Brown’s boat when he visited as a 16 year old in 1965

  5. Donald Kirkpatrick

    Hi again. Don’t know what happened last time but here are my slightly altered choices. If I balls it up again I will choose blindfolded next time, as I was once accused of doing in a physics multiple choice at school! 1 3 4 5 9 11 12 15 20 21 Tarrah

  6. Fiona

    Lovely selection, I’d go for 3,4,5,6,8,,9,12,15,20,21…. Cathy Wilson looks rather good on her motorbike… is the bike still around I wonder? Fiona

  7. Puck Kirkpatrick

    Hi Bec Difficult and I’m sure on different days I’d put in Max and the cameraman.
    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 9. 12. 13. 15. 20. Some great photo’s. Try and get the original Rackwick fishing print instead of the p.c.


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