Life in Hoy

Life in Hoy 1997 – 2001 My Hoy Inn Days The exhibition of photographs by Catherine Grivas is now on show at Hoy Heritage Centre, Hoy Kirk. The exhibition comprises Catherine’s black and white work as well as a colourful scrapbook.

Following on from her Northlight Exhibition last July, Catherine has unearthed more photographs and negatives; this time of images she took in Hoy when she was landlady and cook at The Hoy Inn. The scrapbook of Hoy Inn Music Nights, which has been donated to the Hoy Heritage Centre’s collection, is a time machine that will transport people back a couple of decades.

The exhibition combines a selection of photographic prints, printed by Catherine in her darkroom in the late 1990’s, and digital images from scanned negatives. 

Included in the exhibition are landscapes taken in Rackwick, specifically of Craas Nest while it was being renovated in 2000; local fishermen; peat cutting at Rysa; and a disappearing Inverlaine, the blockship now completely underwater.

This exhibition runs until Friday 2 August.

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