Orkney Science Festival event at Hoy Kirk

We’re looking forward to another event from the Science Festival at Hoy Kirk. It’s become something of an annual event, a boat load of folk come over and join in with islanders, have their minds expanded by some interesting talks, enjoy some free refreshments and light supper and return on the 10pm boat happy.

All for free what’s not to like!

This year we are welcoming the wildlife author and photographer Michael Leach with a talk on Polar bears.

In the Steps of the Ice Bear.

Polar bears, the super-predators of the frozen North, may vanish in our lifetime. The ice that supports them, in every sense, is becoming thinner. This talk explores the life of the giant white bear that roams the Arctic wilderness, the seals upon which it depends and its turbulent relationship with humans. We discover its ancestors, the myths that surround it and consider its specialisation for a truly uncompromising environment.

We also welcome Astronomer Royal for Scotland Prof. John C Brown.

Ferry leaves Stromness 5:45pm. Starts at 6:30pm with a light supper. No booking, just come along. It is recommended that you book the ferry with Orkney ferries on 01856 872044



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