Young men on the Old Man

It’s a while since these young men from Aylesford climbed the Old Man but their families have recently been in touch with this fantastic newspaper clipping from Kent.

The Old Man only has one leg but it’s a sea leg and it seems John Smith didn’t have any sea legs, struggling with sickness on a calm crossing. There are some great details of this 1972 climb in the amusing write up, tackling the stack with just a barley sugar between them, picking up South African radio on their walkie talkies and a feeling of anti-climax.

John Smith, Robert ‘Scottie’ Henderson, Martin ‘Barny’ Barnicott and Richard Wilkinson – you are in the Old Man roll call.

If you, or your family members, have climbed the Old Man please let us know when and who with and we can add you to our list.

As a foot note: We did an ¬†internet search on the Reed paper mill where the clipping is from and found out that in 1932 the mill was producing 850,000 miles of newsprint a year that’s nearly 10 million Old Men of Hoy (if our calculations are right! 5,280ft in a mile and The Old Man is 450ft).

Thank you to John Smith and Fiona & Allun Maunder.

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