It’s the Hoy Kirk Science Festival Night in your living room!

This is your ticket to join us for the Orkney International Science Festival event.


You’ll need your imagination but we’ll help get you there through archive photographs, so…take the ferry from Stromness to Moaness pier, and walk up the brae to the Hoy Kirk for seaweed soup for supper, with a recipe for you to prepare at home in advance.

Then sit back and enjoy some music, with the story of Jimmy o’ the Bu’s Polka, with memories from his grand-daughter Jean Thomson and his tune played by six of his great-great-grandchildren, including the fiddle that he played on.

Then we hear the story of settlement in Rackwick from archaeologist Dan Lee. Dan has been working in Hoy for some years now and he draws on the fascinating features he covered in his Rackwick Survey. Dan will show us the traces of the BBC 1967 televised Old Man of Hoy climb, describe to us the phenomenon of ‘The House That Was Built In A Day’, connect us to the communications in Rackwick and more.


Share the link and see you all there. Although we will miss seeing you in real life at the Hoy Kirk Heritage Centre, the online opportunity means that many more folk can join in from all over the world.

Photograph: Niall Anderson

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