Portrait of Pegal

Artist Laura Drever has kindly gifted the Hoy Heritage Centre her evocative oil painting ‘Pegal 2’. We are working out the right place for it so you can come and enjoy it when we re-open. Thank you Laura!

Laura often makes work about Hoy. Back in 2012 Laura joined us on a walk in the footsteps of botanist James Sinclair of the Bu.

Recently Laura has made a new painting called Bu. You can read about it here. Laura mentions the Triangle Trust artist workshops when a group of artists gathered in Hoy as part of a 3 islands project with Tanera Mhor and North Uist. We have the book published about the artists’ work on our shelves at the Heritage Centre.

Some of you may have seen the paper birds at Burnmouth, the bothy at Rackwick beach? Well, they were made by Laura during that residency over a dozen years ago.

‘The stone shape represented here, reminds me of the walk I took quietly every day while in Hoy – down at The Bu drawing in the sand, making marks as I followed the birds in flight, racing against the tide and watching as my drawings were no longer. Left as a memory.’

Many artists have found Hoy good for the soul. If you want to hear more about artists and Hoy, read Andrew Parkinson of the Pier Arts Centre‘s article ‘Hoy in Mind’ here. Andrew joins us for episode 3 of our audio series Tales of Hoy when we visit Rackwick, Hidden valley of light. The podcast episode will be available from this Saturday here.

photographs: Laura Drever

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