Tales o Hoy Episode 3: Hidden valley of light

Episode 3 is here!

Wander through the township of Rackwick with its many crofts and pink bouldered beach. Haul your boat up at the nousts and listen to a fisherman’s tales. Meet the crofters, descendants of Covenanters, who eeked out a living from land and sea.

Join the artists who found something special in the valley. Survey The House That Was Built In A Day and read the sky at the Rackwick Weather station.

5 Many things to many folk Tales o Hoy

Lots of photographs and links to the stories on the dedicated Episode 3 page here.

Houses, Rackwick, Hoy, c. early 1920s. Photographed by J. Peterson.

Narrator: John Budge

Contributors: James Stockan / Elizabeth Bevan / Dan Lee / Jack Rendall / Pearl Sinclair / Olivia Thomson / Frankie Sinclair / John Eccles / Gordon Hill / Jimmy Moar / Dorothy Rendall / Anne Bevan / Andrew Parkinson / Peter Maxwell Davies / Jeff Clark / Avril Clark 

Music: James Watson, Wooden Sole Music

Credits: The Orcadian / Orkney Library & Archive / BBC Radio Orkney / George Mackay Brown Estate

3 thoughts on “Tales o Hoy Episode 3: Hidden valley of light

  1. These seem like absolutely wonderful stories. But I’m VERY confused about how to follow along with these stories. Your e-mail has 3 links 1) One to hear the narration https://share.transistor.fm/s/5626ee30 2) One to look at photos dedicated Episode 3 page here 3) One for a google-earth page Visit the interactive walk for this episode here

    How to I juggle these 3 links?

    Do I use them all at the same time? If so, how do I synchronize the photos and google earth walk to match the timing of the narrative? Or do I just listen to the narrative, then do the google earth walk later, and then look at the photos after that? it’s VERY confusing. Could you please give some instructions about how to use those links, all at once? If so, how? -or are the 3 links separate, to be viewedat at different times. Please help because they seem like fantastic experiences Thanking you in advance James


    1. Hello again James. We have changed the map link so that it opens on a new tab (after your comment we had a check and the link on some of the pages was not set to open in new tab/page) So I hope this helps and thanks again for the feedback.

  2. Hello James sorry for the confusion! Just three different layers of interaction supporting the audio. Three different but connected ways to travel to Hoy. You can listen to the audio and travel virtually through the map as it goes along (but not in a synchronised way. Webpage has photographs that are linked with the stories and people and some extra content, such as films. Hope you enjoy the journey!

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