Renovation of Hoy Kirk

The Hoy Kirk you stand in today was completed in 1891.
The pulpit was relocated and the pews removed this century.  When the Church of Scotland no longer required the building, the community set up the Friends of Hoy Kirk in 2003 to purchase Hoy Kirk as a community venue.

Hoy Kirk prior to refurbishment facing the front.

And after with pulpit now at the opposite end.

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This most recent refurbishment is not the first renovation work at the kirk.
The Hoy Kirk was badly damaged by storms in January 1952.  Queen Mary lent a needlework she had embroidered for a tour    around Scotland to raise funds to restore the kirk. Letters and newspaper clippings can be found in the archive recording this piece of Hoy Kirk Royal History.

Jeff Clark of Friends of Hoy Kirk shares the story of the recent restoration of the kirk….

Prior to 2003 the local community learnt from the Church of Scotland that they no longer required the kirk. The majority of the local community felt that as the kirk had been part of community life for so long it should remain under their control. A committee of local people was formed to negotiate the purchase of the kirk from the Church of Scotland.

This was successfully accomplished and the Friends of Hoy Kirk became a registered company and charity on 1st August 2003.

Since then we have raised around £250,000 to pay for refurbishments of the building, a wind turbine generator and a part-time heritage co-ordinator.

We are now in a position to go forward with our programme of exhibitions, concerts and social events.

Most recently the work at the kirk has been to build a new storage shed at the back to allow the building to be more flexible for events.

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