Effy Everiss Natural History Library

Over 100 books to browse from seaweed to fungi. This substantial library of botanical books was kindly donated by Orkney naturalist, the late Effy Everiss.

Scroll down for a list of the books in the Effy Everiss Natural History Library at Hoy Heritage Centre. The library focusses on flora but there are also books on moths and butterflies, soils, seaweeds, mammals and birds. Ferns, mosses and lichens feature strongly and there is a range of the BSBI handbooks and a set of Orkney Field Club bulletins.

BiologyBiology of PlantsRaven, Evert & Eichhorn1999
BirdsBirds by behaviourDominic Couzens2003
BirdsBird songs and calls with CDHannu Jannes & Owen Roberts2011
BirdsOrkneyStronsay’s Garden BirdsJohn Holloway2006
BirdsOrkneyStronsay Bird Report 2004John & Sue Holloway2004
EcologyPlant Ecology Ed. Michael J Crawley1997
EcologyEcology, Individuals, Populations & CommunitiesBegon, Harper, Townsend1990
EcologyWild ScotlandJames McCarthy2013
EcologyLimnology, Lake and River EcologyRobert Wetzel2001
EcologyCaithness and SutherlandBirds, Bogs and Forestry The Peatlands of Caithness and SutherlandNational Conservancy Council1987
FaunaInsectsA key to the Wodlice of Britain and IrelandStephen Hopkin1991
FaunaZoologyInvertebrate ZoologyRuppert & Barnes1994
FaunaFreshwater creaturesSmall Freshwater creaturesLars-Henrik Olsen, Jakob Sunesen & Bente Vita Pedersen2001
FaunaMammalsSmall Woodland creaturesLars-Henrik Olsen, Jakob Sunesen & Bente Vita Pedersen2001
FaunaInsectsField Guide to Dragonflies and Damsels of Great Britain and IrelandSteve Brooks2002
FaunaInsectsMillipedes J Gordon Blower1985
FaunaFreshwater InvertebratesFreshwater InvertebratesP S Croft1986
FaunaMamalsCollins Filed Guide Mammals of Great BritainDavid Macdonald & Priscilla Barrett1993
FaunaInsectsCollins Guide to British InsectsMichael Chinery2005
FaunaWhales, Dolphins and porpoisesGuide to the Identification of Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises in European SeasPeter G H Evans1995
FaunaOrkneyBirds and Mammals of OrkneyWilliam Groundwater1974
FaunaOrkneySillocks, Scarfies & Selkies. The Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of OrkneyChris & Jean Booth2005
Ferns, Mosses and LichensCollins Photo Guide: Ferns, Mosses and Lichens of BritainHans Martin Jahns1983
Ferns, Mosses and LichensWelshWelsh fernsG Hutchinson & B A Thomas1996
Ferns, Mosses and LichensThe ferns of Britain & IrelandC N Page1997
Ferns, Mosses and LichensShetlandShetland LichensKery & Claire Dalby2005
Ferns, Mosses and LichensSphagnumMicroscopic life in SphagnumMajorie Hingley1993
Ferns, Mosses and LichensBryophytes Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland – a field guideBritish Bryological Society2010
Ferns, Mosses and LichensBryophytes Mosses and Liverworts of WoodlandA. Roy Perry1992
Ferns, Mosses and LichensSphagnumSphagnum: a filed guideM. O Hill1992
Ferns, Mosses and LichensBryophytes Bryophytes of Native Woodlands – a field guide to the common mosses and liverworts of Scotland and Ireland’s native woodlandsCarol L Crawford2002
Ferns, Mosses and LichensBryophytes How to know the mosses and liverwortsHenry S Conard & Paul L Redfearn Jnr.1979
Ferns, Mosses and LichensBryophytes Mosses and other BryophytesBill & Nancy Malcolm2000
FloraA New Illustrated British Flora Vol.1R.W Butcher1961
FloraA New Illustrated British Flora Vol.2R.W Butcher1961
FloraFlora BritannicaRichard Mabey1996
FloraFlora of the British Islands Sir J D Hooker 1884
FloraThe Wild Flower KeyFrancis Rose1981
FloraThe identification of flowering plant familiesJames Cullen1999
FloraField flora of the British IslesClive Stace1999
FloraBSBI Plant Crib 1998T C G Rich & A C Jermy 1998
FloraGrasslandsThe Nature of GrazingRoy Harris & Mary Jones 1998
FloraThe Cambridge Illustrated Glossary of Botanical TermsMichael Hickey & Clive King2000
FloraThe Visual Dictionary of PlantsEye witness1992
FloraPathologyPlant PathologyGeorge Agrios1997
FloraBritish Water PlantsSylvia Haslam, Charles Sinker and Pat Wolseley1982
FloraDandelionsBSBI Handbook No.9 Dandelions of Great Britian and IrelandA A Dudman & A J Richards1997
FloraRosesBSBI Handbook No.7 Roses of Great BritainG G Graham & A L Primavesi1993
FloraCharophytesBSBI Handbook No.5 Charophytes of Great Britain and IrelandJ A Moore1986
FloraCrucifersBSBI Handbook No.6 Crucifers of Great Britain and IrelandT C G Rich1991
FloraUmbellifersBSBI Handbook No.2 Umbellifers of the British IslesT G Tutin1980
FloraFumitoriesBSBI Handbook No.12 Fumitories of Britain and IrelandR J Murphy2009
FloraPondweedsBSBI Handbook No.8 Pondweeds of Great Britain and IrelandC D Preston1995
FloraWater-starworts Callitriche BSBI Handbook No.11 Water-starworts Callitriche of EuropeR V Lansdown2008
FloraBritish Wild Flowers Vol.2John Hutchinson1955
FloraBritish Wild Flowers Vol.1John Hutchinson1955
FloraCommon Wild FlowersJohn Hutchinson1945
FloraUncommon Wild FlowersJohn Hutchinson1950
FloraUpland vegetationAn Illustrated Guide to British Upland VegetationJoint Nature Conservation Committee2004
FloraStonewortsRed data books of Britain and Ireland StonewortsN F Stewart & J M Church1992
FloraBotanical Monstrosities Martin Cragg-Barber1997
FloraFlora AnomalaMartin Cragg-Barber1999
FloraExcursion Flora of the British IslesA R Clapham, T G Tutin & E F Warburg1993
FloraThe Vegetative Key to British FloraJohn Poland & Eric Clement2009
FloraOrchids Field Key to Wild Orchids of ScotlandPatrick Woods and Mary BatesNo date
FloraOrchids Orchids of Britain and IrelandAnne & Simon Harrap2009
FloraA New Key to Wild FlowersJohn Hayward 1995
FloraNew Flora of the British IslesClive Stace1997
FloraWild Flowers of Britain & IrelandMarjorie Blamey, Richard Fitter & Alastair Fitter2003
FloraBotanistsThe Golden Age of Quaker BotanistsAnn Nichols2006
FloraFlora of the British IslesClapham, Tutin & Moore1989
FloraThe Concise British Flora in ColourW Keble Martin1976
FloraAlpineBen Lawers and its alpine flowersNational Trust for Scotland1972
FloraAlpineCollins Guide to Alpine flowersChristopher Grey-Wilson & Marjorie Blamey1995
FloraShetlandShetland’s Wild FlowersD Malcolm1992
FloraShetlandRare plants of ShetlandScott, Harvey, Riddington & Fishers2002
FloraShetlandHardy Plants in the NorthJohn Copland1996
FloraViolasBSBI Handbook no.17 Violas of Britain and IrelandMichael Porter & Michael Foley2017
Flora and FernsShetlandChecklist of the flowering plants and ferns of the Shetland IslesR C Palmer & W Scott1969
FungiIdentification of the larger FungiEd. Antony Kenney1973
FungiColllins Fungi GuidesStephan Buczacki2012
GeologyFossilsHamlyn Fossils GuideRichard Moody1986
GeologyRocks & fossilsHamlyn Minerals Rocks & FossilsW R Hamilton & A R Woolley & A C Bishop1992
Grasses & sedgesSedgesBSBI Handbook No.1 Sedges of the British IslesJermy, Chater & David1982
Grasses & sedgesGrassesC E Hubbard1992
Grasses & sedgesAnd rushes & fernsGrasses, sedges, rushes and ferns of Britain and N EuropeR Fitter, A Fitter1992
Grasses & sedgesBSBI Handbook No.13 Grasses of the British IslesTom Cope & Alan Gray2009
Grasses & sedgesSedgesBSBI Handbook No.1 Edition3 Sedges of the British IslesA C Jermy, D A Simpson MJY Foley MS Porter2007
Grasses & sedgesAnd legumesCommon British Grasses & LegumesJ O Thomas & L J Davies1946
LichensCladoniaCladonia – a field guideN G Hodgetts1992
LichensLichens – an illustrated guide to the British and Irish SpeciesFrank Dobson2000
MicroscopyAdventures with a microscopeRichard Headstrom1941
MicroscopyIntroduction to light microscopyS Bradbury & B Bracegirdle1998
MicroscopyPractical microscopyJ Eric Marson1983
MicroscopyBiology staining schedulesR R Fowell1970
Moths & ButterfliesPug mothsBritish and Irish Pug MothsAdrain Riley & Gaston Prior2003
Moths & ButterfliesPyralid mothsBritish Pyralid MothsBarry Goater 1986
Moths & ButterfliesCaterpillarsThe colour identification guide to Caterpillars of the British IslesJim Porter1997
Moths & ButterfliesButterflies and day-flying moths of Britain and EuropeMichael Chinery1989
Moths & ButterfliesField Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and IrelandPaul Waring & Martin Townsend2003
Moths & ButterfliesConcise Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and IrelandPaul Waring & Martin Townsend2007
Moths & ButterfliesMicro MothsField Guide to the Micro Moths of Great Britain and IrelandPhil Sterling and Mark Parsons2012
Natural historyOrkneyNatural History of Orkney part one: Zoology1848W B Baikie & Robert Heddle1987
Natural historyOrkneyThe Natural History of OrkneyR J Berry1985
Natural historyOrkneyOrkney NatureR J Berry2000
Sea shoreCollins Pocket Guide to the SeashoreJohn Barrett & CM Yonge1976
Sea shorePhotographic guide to the Sea and Shore Life of Britain and NW EuropeRay Gibson, Benedict Hextall & Alex Rogers2001
Sea shoreIntroduction to the Marine EnvironmentNicky Holt, Ian Leaver & Nichola Whitec.1989
Sea shoreSandSand DuneTim Stott, James Hindson & Robin Crump1993
SeaweedsOrkneyKelp-Making in Orkney William P L Thomson1983
SeaweedsBrownA Field Guide to Brown SeaweedsSue Hiscock1979
SeaweedsRedA Field Guide to Red SeaweedsSue Hiscock1986
SeaweedsA Key to the Genera of the British SeaweedsW Eifion Jones1964
SeaweedsThe Marine Biology of the Orkney IslandsRoyal Society of Edinburgh Proceedings 1985
Soils & habitatsBritish Plant Communities Vol.2 Mires and heathsEd.  S Rodwell1998
Soils & habitatsBritish Plant Communities Vol.5 Maritime communities and vegetation of open habitatsEd.  S Rodwell2001
Soils & habitatsBritish Plant Communities Vol.4 Aquatic communities, swamps and tall-herb fensEd.  S Rodwell2000
Soils & habitatsEssential Soil ScienceM R Ashman & G Puri2002
Soils & habitatsAn introduction to soil scienceE  Fitzpatrick1978
Soils & habitatsSoil typesStephen Trudgill1989
Soils & habitatsThe Vegetation of ScotlandEd. J H Burnett1964
Trees & ShrubsOrkneyTrees and Shrubs in OrkneyAlan Bremner & Elaine BullardNo date
Trees & ShrubsComplete guide to tress and their identificationMarcello Goldstein, Gualtiero Simonetti & Marta Watschinger1990

We also hold Effy’s collection of Orkney Field Club Bulletins The Orkney Naturalist.